Questions to Ask a Panel Beater

Posted on April 12, 2013 by

Looking for a panel beater but don’t know who to get? Instead of telling you what to look for, why not look at these suggested questions? Maybe the answers would tell you who to get.

Q: How long would it take for my car to get fixed?
A: It’s important to know how long it would take for your vehicle to be repaired because this lets you make arrangements for alternative means of transportation, especially during workdays.

Q: Can I have a look at your workshop?
A: Visiting and looking around a panel beater’s workshop will give you an idea on what tools and equipment he uses. Furthermore, you’ll also find out how clean and up-to-date the area is. This is important because having proper, modern tools is necessary to pull off factory-looking jobs. Besides, the shop’s cleanliness also tells you that your vehicle is in good hands.

Q: Are you affiliated with my insurance company?
A: Naturally, you need to know if the panel beater is affiliated with your insurance company because if not, you will have to shoulder the repairs, particularly if you just had a collision.

Q: Do you have a website?
A: Find out if the panel beater has a website and find an opportunity to visit it. Doing so would give you a bit of background on the shop’s history, address (for visiting the shop), and perhaps previous customers, who you can ask about the service.

Q: Do you have photos of your previous work?
A: It would be good to see photos of a panel beater’s previous work. That way, you can see the outcome and quality of his or her workmanship.

Q: Why do you like being a panel beater?
A: This is a bit of a trick question, but it’s up to you if you should consider it. If the panel beater talks about money often, then there might be a chance that he will charge you plenty for the work. If the panel beater focuses on his exquisite love of shaping cars and hardly mentions money, then you might have reason to give him a second look.

Q: What type of vehicle do you specialise in?
A: If the panel beater specialises in the vehicle you just brought in, then he should be a good option, especially when your car is uncommon. Just check that the panel beater has access to your vehicle’s replacement parts because they might also be a bit difficult to come by.

Q: How long have you been a panel beater?
A: The answer to this question will tell you how much experience the panel beater has. If you like, you can ask further about his experiences in repairing to give you a better idea what he can do.

Q: Are you a member of any trade organisation?
A: Membership in any trade organisation means the panel beater follows professional conduct codes and standards that would help assure you of better service and quality.

Q: Do you give guarantees for the work that you do?
A: If a panel beater provides a guarantee, it shows that he is confident in his work and that he is eager to protect its name and standing.