What Services Do Panel Beaters Offer?

Having a car is probably one of the most important essentials in a person’s life, most especially when he is constantly on the move in regards to going all the way to his workplace or school every single day and wouldn’t want to take a cab or the bus and endure the long commute. However, there are times when meeting accidents on the road is simply inevitable. No matter how much of a defensive driver you may be, you are still not guaranteed that all the other drivers are the same. Also, you cannot control certain road conditions that may also lead to collision accidents. This is where panel beaters come in.

Panel beaters are the ones who are responsible for restoring a car back to its original state after a collision accident or a vandalism accident has occurred by undergoing a series of stripping and refitting techniques. They are also responsible for literally ‘beating the hollows or dents of a vehicle’; hence the term “panel beaters.” In short, panel beaters are trained professionals who focus in auto body repair.

Considering that collision work is the primary duty of the said individuals, it takes years of training or apprenticeship before one could fully deem himself as a panel beater. He is also required to specialize in crafts such as painting techniques, metallurgy, and welding so as to make him become more efficient in his line of work.

Below are some examples of the types of services that panel beaters offer:

1. Assessment of a vehicle. Before a panel beater could work on a vehicle, he must first asses its condition. Determining the damages will help him decide which course of action to implement. Afterwards, they have to consult with the customer and give him a rundown about the vehicle’s condition and the extent of the repairs that he will perform.

2. Regular duties. Welding, planishing and filling (pertains to hammering out the dents of the metal in order to make its surface smooth), and detaching the interior portions of a panel and beating it into shape are what panel beaters usually do. They also handle painting jobs and additional mechanical repairs.

3. Intricate restorations. Cars that have extreme damages need repairs on their panels, which is why they need a panel beater to get the job done. This person is also responsible for handling complex reconstruction work by getting a hold of new body parts when the old ones are beyond repair. Rebuilding an entire car engine and performing in-depth electrical work is also part of a panel beater’s job description. (For those who have vintage cars that can no longer function properly on the road, a panel beater is someone whom you should seek help from.)

4. Administrative responsibilities. Like most specialists, panel beaters are required to keep a record of their daily tasks, the working hours that they have rendered, and more.

5. Specialist duties. Although panel beaters work on common road vehicles, some of them also work on motorcycles, busses, and also aircraft bodywork. They likewise use sophisticated tools such as sanders, arc welders, and magnetic dent removers.