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Kyogle Smash Repairs Pty Ltd

Address: 62 Ettrick St Kyogle NSW 2474


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Kyogle Smash Repairs is involved in the quality restoration of damaged vehicles at competitive prices.
At Kyogle Smash Repairs we have a group of experienced staff that are qualified in dealing with damaged vehicles so that they can be restored to their original appearance and value. These experienced staffmembers help us get your car back into its original condition quickly and efficiently. We... Read More...
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Mark , Bunbury
My car looked great after the service, the restoration made it look practically brand new
Jason , Bunbury
The repairmen did a great job, it took no time but the results were excellent
Genevieve , Casino
They were fast in fixing my Toyota and the service was at a really cheap price

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what type of vehicle we bring in? The vehicle does not matter as long as it is not completely unconventional, but vehicles that are unique may take longer to service as their parts are harder to come by/ How quickly are you able to service vehicles? This all depends on how bad the damage is, we are able to do some services within a week but then there are others which may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances.