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Recent reviews from local businesses

Accidental Smash Repairs

was reviewed by Marnie Jarvis, 18 November 2015

Accidental smash repairs have saved me time and time again! i was devastated when another driver smashed into my parked car. mark arranged a rental car for me - i dropped my car off and picked up...

St Kilda Village Accident Repair Centre

was reviewed by Jacqui, 25 September 2015

I backed into a pole in my partners car and there were quite a few superficial white scratches on the back bumper. i called up st kilda village repairs and they were friendly, trustworthy, quick an...

Parkes Body Works Pty. Ltd.

was reviewed by GarySecurity, 18 September 2015

Recently had my beloved bmw repaired at parkes body works, really happy with the repair job and service from trevor parkes and his staff. trevor is an old fashioned man who provides old fashioned q...